Kristi Kiick
Department: Materials Science and Engineering
Research: Polymeric biomaterials with activities that are controlled by polymer architectu
Phone: 302-831-0201, Email, Websites: Faculty Site, Group Site

Professor Kiick’s research interests are directed at the design and synthesis of polymer materials for application in drug delivery, cardiovascular repair, and tissue engineering, employing a variety of recombinant, bioconjugation, biophysical, cell culture, and polymer rheology methods. Recombinant methodologies have been employed to make macromolecules that interact selectively with cells; these molecules could serve as unique probes, anti-inflammatory agents, or vaccine adjuvants. Novel biocompatible hydrogels are engineered to be sensitive to proteases and reducing conditions, providing targeted mechanisms for gel degradation with applications in anticoagulant therapies, cardiovascular surgery, and vocal-fold repair.

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